We are committed to local nature conservation and hope you'll join us in our work


Gloucestershire is lucky to have a wealth of different habitats across the Forest of Dean, Severn Vale and the Cotswolds, each of these being home to numerous different species.

A lot of these areas are where our living landscapes programs are focused upon. These are areas we are working in to transform the environment we live in: restoring, recreating and reconnecting wildlife-rich spaces in rural and urban areas by working in partnership with local communities, landowners, schools and businesses.

We want wildlife to thrive, to disperse and recolonise our landscape

We want wildlife to thrive, to disperse and recolonise our landscape so future generations can encounter, experience and enjoy our natural heritage, and so that we can too and that is why local nature conservation is so important to us.

We manage nearly 2000 acres of our own land in the form of 60 nature reserves. These are areas of wildlife-rich habitat which are actively managed to promote and sustain the species which live there.

Most nature reserves are open to the public for free all year round and we offer a programme of events and activities on some of these sites.

We are also extremely lucky to have GCER (The Gloucestershire Centre for records) who do fantastic work in the county.


A Living Landscape: Download Our Vision

Download a copy of 'A Living Landscape: play your part for nature's recovery', to discover what our vision for A Living Landscape is.



There are lots of ways you can volunteer with us. Help out and make a difference.

Vell Mill: Dedicate A Tree


Help us to restore orchards in the county by buying a tree to remember someone by, or to celebrate a significant event.