What We Are Doing

The Cotswold Rivers Living Landscape programme aims to:

  • Make sure that existing populations of water voles in the Cotswolds are strengthened and connected by improving and creating habitats, and controlling American mink. This also benefits other river wildlife, such as otters, kingfishers, dippers, fish, water shrews and plant life throughout the region.
  • Advise farmers and landowners with agri-environment schemes.
  • Work closely with local landowners to promote better river management, and connect wildlife habitats through natural ‘corridors’.
  • Engage local communities and schools by providing volunteering and training opportunities.
  • Promote awareness of our river wildlife heritage through shows, walks and events.
  • Establish partnerships with other conservation organisations so that our work is as effective and as united as possible.

Many thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting the first two years of the community engagement element of our Cotswold Rivers Living Landscape. We are now in a fantastic position to expand this programme, which involves local people in enhancing and connecting wildlife habitats across the Cotswolds. The below film provides a snapshot of the sort of things we have been involved in in the Windrush Valley.