We have achieved some fantastic results and the team has been instrumental in the design and delivery of many conservation projects throughout the wider countryside of the Severn Vale


The aim of the work has been to connect and expand areas of good habitat for target species that are found in or associated with wetlands.

We want to create a dynamic environment for wildlife to counteract the unknown impacts associated with climate change.


Key Achievements To Date:

In the first five years of our work in the Severn Vale (2007-2012), the following has been achieved:

• 319 hectares of wet grassland being maintained and restored for the benefit or over-wintering wildfowl and breeding wading birds

• 22.5km of fencing installed to enable the management and protection of key wildlife habitats and species

• 2km of hedgerows restored and 59km in favourable management

• 31 farmland ponds fully restored

• 8 scrapes totalling 9000m2 of open standing water created

• 98.48 hectares of species rich meadows being maintained and restored through favourable management

• 622 willows pollarded

• 17.72 hectares of traditional orchards being maintained and restored through favourable management

• Approximately 1,700 hectares of farm land submitted into environmental stewardship schemes

• £2,862,861.76 secured via Environmental Stewardship

• More than 120 volunteers involved in the project (brown hare surveys, otter surveys, otter holt construction and control of Himalayan balsam)

• 59 landowners engaged