What We Are Doing

In the Severn Vale the long term aim is to restore up to 60% of the area to good quality wetland and semi-improved wildlife habitat


The project area spreads across 11,000 hectares, and is split into 22 'Strategic Nature Areas' (SNAs).

An example of what we are doing can be seen above where the different stages of creating a scrape can be seen ( A scrape is a shallow pond with gently sloping edges).

A scrape provides a great environment for wading birds to feed their chicks and scrapes support many forms of wildlife that wading bids feed on.


How we work to restore and manage the landscape:

  • We work with farmers and landowners to provide advice, assist with access to funding, and develop ways to make conservation and farming economically sustainable.
  • We do a significant amount of partnership working to develop strategies and projects with bodies such as the Environment Agency, Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board, British Waterways, and Natural England.
  • We work with communities and volunteers to monitor species and enhance their local environment.