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Dave Kilbey

We have lots of exciting projects that need your support, here are just a few:

Cotswold Water Park Reserves Restoration

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust recently undertook part of a restoration project at our nature reserves in the spectacular wildlife haven, the Cotswold Water Park, in partnership with the Naturesave Trust and with support from Hanson and a generous major donor.

The project has aimed to enhance the biodiversity and engagement features on our nature reserves at Whelford Pools SSSI and Roundhouse Lake SSSI through habitat restoration works.




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Cotswold River Project - Help save The water vole

Recent surveys undertaken by us have shown a dramatic reduction in water vole populations in Gloucestershire. From the surveys carried out in 1978/89 and then 1997/98, there has been a staggering 83% decline in Gloucestershire alone.

Sadly in some counties water voles have become extinct or seen a staggering 90% drop. If ever there was a time to save this endearing and much loved character from our wonderful Cotswold Rivers it is now. 

Lower Woods sustainable fuels

Together with Natural England we have agreed a new management plan for our Lower Woods Nature Reserve, to maintain its condition and provide thriving habitat for the wide arrange of flora and fauna that call the woodland home.

In order to achieve this management we urgently need to build our capacity to fell and extract wood to ensure that clearings are opened, enabling light to reach the woodland floor and encourage under-storey growth.

As part of this mangement we have recently established an economically and environmentally sustainable firewood business at Lower Woods Nature Reserve.

As well as servicing a local need for firewood and developing an outlet for the additional wood removed, this project will ultimately generate a small profit which will be re-invested into the woodland to ensure that we can continue to manage the habitat effectively for wildlife.  For full project details see below for project sheet.

Annual Primary Schools' Quiz

Every year we host the Primary Schools Quiz, a very successful and well loved event, which over the years has increased hundreds of children’s love of the natural world. 

From 6 initial schools, every year approximately 100 schools now take part, (a staggering 40% of all Primary schools in the County), showing that even under curriculum pressures teachers, parents and children still value eduating our children about wildlife as highly as other school extramural activities. For full project details see below for project sheet.

Events programme

We currently hold over 150 events throughout Gloucestershire for our 26,000 members and the general public. Our events are available for all to attend and 95% are free of charge.

Our events programme includes events for children - (mad march hare day, canoe safaris, badger watches), learning new skills - (hedgelaying, drystone walling, bushcraft) and wild events (mammal tracking, nature reserve tour, bird ringing) to name a few. 

Find out how you can sponsor events by calling the Fundraising Team on 01452 383333.

There's more...

  • Volunteering programme
  • Schools and Education programme including educational materials at Robinswood Hill
  • Publications and interpretation materials for nature reserves
  • Continuation of our Severn Vale Living Landscape programme
  • Phase 1 surveying for the whole of Gloucestershire
  • Community Officers work in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and Cotswolds
  • Wildlife Gardening promotional materials for Gloucestershire
  • Badger vaccination programme
  • Key Wildlife Sites programme

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