Wildlife Gardening

Why do we need to garden for wildlife?


Over the last 50 years the countryside has changed dramatically. The destruction of ancient woodlands, meadows and wetlands have left many species without safe homes and food sources.

Whilst individual gardens might be small, together they form a patchwork that link urban green spaces to the wider countryside and nature reserves. This then provides an essential wildlife highway allowing animals, insects and plants to move across Gloucestershire in response to the changing landscape and climate.


How you can help

Dave KilbeyBy gardening for wildlife you will be making your garden a place that wildlife can rely on to provide the food and shelter they need to survive, especially in those winter months.

There are many small changes that you can make that make a big difference to your wild visitors, why not:

  1. Put up a bird nesting box in a secluded place, out of the reach of predators like cats.
  2. Leave a 'wild' area that you don't tidy or trim too often.
  3. Install a small pond.
  4. Sow a wildflower area.
  5. Use fewer chemicals.
  6. Make your own compost.
  7. Grow your own fruit and vegetables.

Which plants are best for wildlife?

Take a look at our wildlife friendly plants fact sheet below to discover which plants encourage certain types of wildlife and can benefit them.

Here are some local stockists.

Download our wildlife friendly planting guide


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How to encourage birds427.38 KB
How to encourage Amphibians1.19 MB
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Orchards1.58 MB
Ponds708.37 KB
Meadows1.5 MB
Woodlands746.63 KB
Roadside Verges139.58 KB
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Feeding Garden Birds1019.74 KB
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Hedges for Wildlife998.18 KB
Making Compost976.29 KB
Organic Gardening880.64 KB
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Snail and Slug Control941.87 KB
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Wildflower Meadows1.63 MB
Wildlife Pond Pack5.43 MB
Living Gardens Planting for Wildlife2.1 MB



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