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Help a hedgehog this winter

Posted: Monday 2nd November 2015 by Community

A hedgehog looking into the camera (c) Gillian DayHedgehog (c) Gillian Day

Prepare a bowl of water and keep an eye out because winter is here and hedgehogs need our help.

In anticipation of their winter visit to our gardens we have created a list of the many simple ways you can help hedgehogs make it safely through the coming months.

  • Give a hedgehog a home – log piles with holes big enough for a hedgehog to crawl in lined with some old leaves make a great shelter for a hedgehog and provides a valuable habitat for the insects that hedgehogs eat. Feeling adventurous? Why not build a hedgehog a home.
  • Check your bonfire – Hedgehogs sometimes take shelter underneath bonfires for safety and warmth, check underneath before lighting to make sure they don’t get more heat than they bargain for.
  • Avoid slug pellets – These are a danger to more wildlife than just slugs, look for alternative methods such as using half-buried cups with beer in or putting sharp gravel or egg shells around the base of your plants.
  • Be untidy! – Leave a corner of your garden untended, it’ll provide a sheltered spot for hedgehogs to forage and hide in.
  • Prepare an entrance - Make a small gap somewhere in your garden so that hedgehogs can enter and leave freely.

Want to know more about how you can help hedgehogs and other wildlife in your garden? Follow this link to find out more

If you find a hedgehog which looks particularly small (they have to weigh over 450 grams to survive the winter), ill or you are otherwise concerned about it contact the Help a Hedgehog Hospital for advice.

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