Tackling climate change

Actions to tackle climate change


Our climate is changing, and we need to change with it.

In the UK and internationally people are experiencing the effects of climate change. Governments, local and parish councils, tourist boards even companies are all now declaring climate and ecological emergencies acting and encouraging others to act for the planet.
Habitats for water vole in the Severn vale and ground-nesting birds such as avocet and curlew at Coombe Hill are under threat due to increased flooding and unpredictable weather. Brown trout are in danger due to increased rate of flash flooding in Bibury. Here at GWT, we are working at alleviating the pressures of climate change using methods such as: natural flood management, rain gardens and encouraging wetland creation.
You too can don your action cap and help Gloucestershire become carbon zero, helping slow the effects we are seeing around the county! 

Picture of Glasgow at sunset showing the SEE hydro


How to interact with COP 26

Don’t COP out, jump on the boat and discover how you can be part of the conversation this October. Make your voice heard and do your bit to help tackle climate change.

Jump aboard!
Car stranded in flood in front of semi-terraced housing


Leave your car at home

Click below for tips on how to reduce your car-bon footprint.

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Curlew (c) Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Curlew - Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

How to adapt to the changing climate!

For more information on climate change and how you can help nature and your community adapt to the changing climate, check out this cool factsheet from UK Climate Risk. 

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Building surrounded by pond


Building with Nature

How GWT is helping businesses to tackle climate change and enhance biodiversity

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