Actions for out and about

Actions for out and about

Helping wildlife when you're out and about!

Taking action for nature at home is not the only way you can help British wildlife thrive. There are plenty of actions you can do when you’re out and about. Whether you’re out shopping, going for a walk, travelling, volunteering or out enjoying some nice food with friends or family.

Going about your daily life you’ll be surprised at just how many ways you can help protect nature and wildlife across the county and country whilst simultaneously benefiting your physical and mental health.  See below for just some of those ideas.

Litter picking organized event multiple volunteers holding up blue bags with litter/rubbish inside. Accompanied by one brown Labrador dog. A hill is shown in the backdrop along with a few trees.

Litter picking/Plogging - Peter Cairns 

What is plogging?

From walking to running, plogging is a way of combining exercise with environmental action. By picking up litter on your walk or run you're helping both your health and the environment stay in tip top condition! 

Super ethical exercise!

Tips for when you're out and about! 

By doing a little preparation before you leave the house you can make all the difference for wildlife and the environment. 

Preparation power

It is estimated that round 7 million coffee cups are used in the UK everyday! Also throughout the country we use 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year that's around 117 plastic bottles per person per year! The majority of these items are not recycled. So what can be done about it? Well, one simple change you can make to your everyday life to help wildlife and the environment is to adopt reusable receptacles and ditch those single use water bottles and coffee cups.
If you've already treated yourself to a reusable coffee cup or water bottle then happy days! Why not go one step further and bring cutlery and a straw with you wherever you go. Taking your plastic free lunch in a reusable bag means you have a shopping bag ready to go, should you need to make a pit stop at the shops. 


cartoon/graphic drawings of Coffee cup, straw, knife and fork, reusable bottle, bag for life

Eating power

Taking a lunch with you when you head out is one great way to avoid the plastic of those tempting meal deals! 
If you're heading out to a restaurant this evening why not ask them if they have a vegan menu to help cut down on your carbon footprint. Additionally, you could try and source a restaurant that has sustainable credentials.

Click here to use the Food Made Good Business Directory to find a sustainable restaurant.