This area once formed part of a Royal hunting forest of King John. The reserve supports a collection of plants unusual in the Severn Vale. Of particular interest are two uncommon legumes, Wild Liquorice and Narrow leaved Everlasting-pea. Several Wild service-trees, relics of the ancient woodland that once covered the area, grow along the top of the embankment. The adjoining osier bed and wet meadows, although not part of the reserve, add considerably to its interest.


One mile north of Tewkesbury on the A38
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3 hectares

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The track to the reserve from the garden centre can be quite steep and slippery but the reserve itself is a 1km long walk (each way) on firm, level ground. A flight of steps leads to a viewpoint halfway along.


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March to August

About the reserve

Lying just one mile north of Tewkesbury between the Rivers Severn and Avon, the embankments of Mythe Railway nature reserve provide some great views over the Severn Vale and a mixture of woodland and grassland on which a rich, lime-loving flora has established itself. See lady’s bedstraw, field scabious, marjoram, wild licorice and narrow-leaved ever-lasting pea. The adjacent osier bed next to the nature reserve, means there is an interesting influx of bird life such as reed bunting, turtle dove and sedge warbler.    

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