GWT annual photo competition

GWT annual photo competition

Highly commended in the Wildlife Close Up category by Mark Cox

Photography is a great way to capture a moment and to get outside and connect with nature, and to celebrate this we host a photo competition each year.

While the competition is closed for 2021, keep getting out there and taking pictures! You can tag us on social media, or start thinking about potential entries for next year.

Thank you to everyone that has entered our previous years photo competitions - there have been some truly incredible submissions. Take a look at the galleries of entries below, they'll be sure to inspire you to grab your camera and head outside.

Wildlife photography best practices

Be careful with using flash 
Lots of cameras and phones will automatically turn flash on when the light conditions decrease, so be mindful of this before taking photos. Wildlife can be very sensitive to light, and many can be scared or even temporarily blinded by the sudden flash of light. If the light conditions aren’t good, a night vision camera is your best bet.

Be mindful of where you are walking
It is best to stick to designated paths or tracks when out on our reserves to minimise any damage to habitats or disturbing wildlife that are used to no footfall in their patch. 

Keep a low profile
Keep your distance and don't get too close - this is especially important when the wildlife you are photographing has any young with them. 

Are you photographing a protected species?
If you are looking to photograph and specific species, look up its protected status before heading out. There are laws that protect certain species, disturbing them during breeding seasons can impact their success rate of raising young and can be seen as a criminal offence.

Don't use lures
Avoid use food to bait wildlife into coming closer, playing calls to birds, or similar behaviour. Just be patient and quiet and the wildlife will come to you!

Remember, the welfare of the wildlife should come first.

When will the next photo competition be open?

The 2022 photo competition will launch on 1 April, with fresh new categories and prizes!

2021 galleries

Throughout the lockdowns and reopenings, many of us continued to explore the wild places of Gloucestershire. There were many fantastic entries this year, with the Wildlife Close Up category being especially popular. 
Click the (i) icons to find the image credit, or on the images themselves to find out more about the photo, comments from the judging panel, and where the photo placed in the categories.

Category winners

The runners up and highly commended entries

This year the judges picked out 6 runner up entries and 7 highly commended entries. 

2020 galleries

In 2020, lots of us headed outside to appreciate our local wild places as we went into lockdown, and we saw over 500 entries into the photo competition. The judges were so impressed with the calibre of bird photos submitted across the categories that they created a whole new category for that year - Birds of Gloucestershire.

The category winners

Click the (i) icons to find the image credit, or on the images themselves to find out more about the photo and where it came in the categories.

The runners up and highly commended entries