Wild about Gardens Survey

Wild About Gardens Survey

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Please tell us about your garden and help local wildlife

The wildlife around us is disappearing. We need your help to stop the decline and put nature into recovery before it’s too late, and you don’t have to go further than your own outdoor space to give it.

Outdoor spaces can be wonderful places for wildlife. They make a great home, and offer somewhere to take refuge, feed and feel safe. And the more wildlife-friendly the garden, the more the natural world can flourish, both on our doorsteps and right across the county.

Whether you have a small outside space such as a balcony, courtyard or garden in a village or town, or a larger garden in a more rural area, we’d love to know a little more about it. What wildlife do you notice regularly? Do you have hedges and trees, or even a pond? Please let us know by completing the survey below.

By completing the survey you help us build a bigger picture of the natural world right across the county and the information will be useful as we aim to enhance, expand and connect wildlife-rich spaces.
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