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Let's face it wildlife and nature has taken a bit of a knock. Are you up for taking action to give nature a fighting chance? Then look no further! WilderGlos is a movement started by GWT with the hope that individuals and communities around the county will realize they too have the power to stand up and take action for nature and wildlife. WilderGlos can provide resources and training, however, its the public and communities that will turn WilderGlos into an environmental movement for the benefit of both humans and wildlife alike.

Wildlife actions

A whole series of fun actions you can do to help wildlife. How many can you do? 

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Actions in the garden

There are an incredible number of actions you can take in your own back garden to help wildlife and nature thrive, time to get your hands dirty!

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No garden, no problem

If you are gardenless then don't fret, there are a ton of actions you can do inside and outside your home to help nature and wildlife thrive.

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Become a citizen scientist

Find out what wildlife lives on your doorstep, become a citizen scientist today! 

Get involved

Help from our trusted Wilder Champions 

Here at GWT we get that it can be tricky to help nature and wildlife thrive where you live if you're just starting out. Given there are so many species and ways that you can help, it can be hard to know where to start. Our Wilder Champions are official WilderGlos ambassadors who have a variety of experience when it comes to helping wildlife thrive within our county. They can offer you free advice on how best to help wildlife in your neck of the woods, from things you can do in your garden, on your windowsill or changes you can make to have a lighter footprint on the planet. 
But of course, if you think you have the passion and experience to share advice with others then why not sign up to become a Wilder Champion too! Scroll down to fill in an application form.

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Wilder Champions

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