Collin Park Wood

Steps through a woodland littered with autumn leaves

Collin Park Woods (c) Nathan Millar

Lying within the gently-rolling countryside around the River Leadon, Collin Park Wood nature reserve is an area of ancient woodland which has been coppiced for centuries.

It is a great place to submerge yourself in ancient woodland and admire plentiful woodland flowers through the spring and summer. In autumn, watch the colours change and look for the fruit of the wild service tree.

Bird life is abundant all year round, with the distinctive call of the great spotted woodpecker joining the gentle melodies of willow warblers, chiffchaff and blackcap.


Upleadon, 2 miles north east of Newent, opposite Brand Green Fruit Farm
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14 hectares

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Grazing animals


Walking trails

The woodland is steep in places and can be uneven underfoot depending on the weather.


The woods have a wide gateway and can be uneven underfoot depending on the weather.


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This nature reserve is open seven days a week and on every day of the year.

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All year

About the reserve

The woodland largely consists of small-leaved lime and sessile oak, but also contains one of the highest concentrations of wild service trees in the county; a tree which today is rare, but was previously famed for its fruits or 'chequers', sold in bunches at markets as children's sweets.  Wild flowers and plants here include bluebells, foxgloves, yellow archangels, wood sage and wood-sorrel. An abundance of bird life includes willow warblers, chiff chaffs, black caps, great spotted woodpeckers and lesser spotted woodpeckers.

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Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 0145238333

Environmental designation

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)