Ridley Bottom

Ridley Bottom

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At the entrance to Ridley Bottom is a relic of ancient coppice woodland consisting of small-leaved lime, ash, pedunculate oak and silver birch. Ancient lime hedgerows enclose the meadows. In addition to a wealth of grassland flowers, there are wood anemone, sanicle and primrose to indicate the fields wooded past. The quite undisturbed nature of the reserve is ideal for birds of woodland and grassland: blackcap, linnet, tree pipit, coal tit, goldcrest, turtle dove, great spotted woodpecker, jackdaw and pied wagtail have all been recorded.


The reserve can be found off Rosemary Lane and then Kelly's Lane, Tidenham
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April to August

About the reserve

Ridley Bottom nature reserve comprises a small ancient woodland coupe and three small fields whose size has prevented agricultural improvement and allowed common spotted, heath spotted and lesser butterfly orchids to thrive alongside cowslips, field scabious and yellow-wort. The ancient lime hedgerows are laid within the reserve to provide routes for small mammals from neighbouring woods onto further meadows and beyond. Connected to Ridley Bottom nature reserve by public footpaths are ‘Poors Allotment’ acid grassland and ‘The Park’ heathland restoration area.   

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