Our work

What we do

Our work

Ellen Winter

What we do - and why we do it

Wildlife and wild places
Wildlife flourishes where it can move through good-quality, connected landscape, and in the last year we have worked hard to enhance our 60 nature reserves and create ‘living landscapes’ where wildlife can thrive and for people to enjoy.

Inspiring communities
We inspire individuals and communities to appreciate the wildlife and wild places around them, and to give more children the chance to love being outside. Each year thousands of children and young people to experience wildlife with us, whether close to where they live in towns and cities or on one of our nature reserves. 

Urban wildlife
Developing wildlife-rich towns that residents will want to protect for years to come is an important and exciting area of our work.

Natural Solutions
Nature has the power to enrich and improve our lives, and in the last year we have been leading the way at a county-wide and national level.

Vital volunteers
Our work is supported by nearly 500 volunteers, whose input is vital whether they are putting up fencing on a nature reserve, creating and tending wildlife gardens or helping in the office.