Chaceley Meadow

Chaceley Meadow

Chaceley Meadow

Chaceley Meadow nature reserve lies on the eastern edge of Chaceley village. Although some distance from the River Severn the meadow occasionally floods in winter. The nature reserve is encircled by mature hawthorn and blackthorn hedges, and includes a large number of old white willow pollards which are home to many birds.


On the eastern edge of Chaceley village about half a mile west of the River Severn
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2 hectares

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Visitors are asked to keep to the edges of the meadow to avoid trampling the hay crop.




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All year round

About the reserve

In spring and summer a rainbow of plant life emerges, with marsh marigold and cuckooflower providing early season colour, followed by sorrel, meadow buttercup, ragged-robin, common knapweed, meadowsweet and great burnet in the summer months.

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Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 01452 383333

Environmental designation

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)