Clarke's Pool Meadows

One of the finest surviving traditional hay meadows in Gloucestershire where over 45,000 green winged orchids flower in mid-late spring.


Half a mile south of Blakeney
A static map of Clarke's Pool Meadows

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2 hectares

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Grazing animals


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Visitors are asked to keep to the edges of the meadows to avoid trampling the hay crop.




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Open at all times

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May to June

About the reserve

Nationally green winged orchids have suffered a dramatic decline in the last 60 years due to agricultural improvement. The neutral meadow flora including adder's tongue fern, cowslip, bluebell and yellow rattle, combined with broad hedges and rough margins which together are key to providing suitable habitat for small mammals and their predators such as the barn owl.

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Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 0145238333

Environmental designation

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)